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"THE COMIC HISTORY OF ENGLAND" by Gilbert Abbot A'Beckett. c.1890.

Hardcover Edition in blue cloth covers, published by Bradbury, Agnew, & Co, London. The volume is undated but, we believe it to be c. 1890. Dimensions: 21.5cm x 14cm approx.

A large and generously illustrated volume whose author attempts "to blend amusement with instruction, by serving up, in as palatable a shape as he could, the facts of English History." With 20 hand-coloured etchings and two hundred woodcuts by John Leech.

304 pages.

Condition:  Reasonably Good. Ex-Library copy with normal library markings. Has been re-bound for library use at some stage. A fair bit of wear/rubbing/marking/fading to covers. Internal pages good with just some yellowing and minor marking - also some minor foxing to preliminary pages. Binding tight.

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Hardcover volume in blue hardcover, published by Bradbury, Agnew, & Co, London and The Navy League, London respectively. All three publications appear to have been published in 1897. Dimensions: 32cm x 25cm approx (binding) - actual publications vary.

A fascinating and probably unique combination of three publications that have been bound as one (possibly for library use but, with no library markings). They are as follow:

"MR PUNCH IN PARIS" - 24 pages (including advertisements to rear) in original blue illustrated softcovers. A satyrical look at Paris at the end of the 19th Century. Contains a number of the superb illustratons for which Punch is famous - by John Tenniel, George du Maurier, Linley Sambourne, and Harry Furniss.

"PUNCH DIAMOND JUBILEE ISSUE" - June 19th, 1897. 24 pages with two double page pull-out illustrations to the centre. A special edition of Punch to celebrate the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria. In original illustrated paper wraps. Most of the illustrations are relating to the Queen's Jubilee.

"THE NAVY LEAGUE GUIDE TO THE NAVAL REVIEW" - June 1897. 24 pages in original illustrated wraps. A fascinating snap-shot of the British Navy at the close of the 19th Century. The 1897 Review was conducted in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria (there was also one 10 years earlier). Contains a number of fascinating articles as well as black and white photographs and illustrations of 13 ships and a full guide to the Review.

Condition:  Good for magazines. Some wear/rubbing/marking and very minor damage (mainly to covers). Have been specially bound into hardcover with endpapers which has kept them in good condition. "Mr Punch in Paris" is in particularly good condition.

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"THE RUBAIYAT OF OMAR KAYYAM" Presented by Willy Pogany. c.1920.

Softcover Edition in gilt embossed brown suede covers, published by George G. Harrap & Co, Ltd, London. The volume is undated but a prize presentation label to the front paste down is dated 1922. Dimensions: 23cm x 15.5cm approx.

A rather nice edition of the Rubaiyat with 16 superb tipped-in colour plates by Willy Pogany. A lovely book.

Approx 70 untrimmed pages.

Condition:  Reasonably Good. Covers have some wear/marking/rubbing and minor damage to top and bottom of spine covering. Binding becoming a bit loose and cracking in a number of places. Internal pages good with slight yellowing. All plates present and in good condition.

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"MEMORIES - A Story of German Love" by Max Muller. Illus. 1906.

Hardcover "Large Paper" Limited Edition (number 39 of 150 copies printed). In Green board/vinyl covers, published by A. C. McClurg & Co, Chicago in 1906.

A beautifully illustrated volume with 9 full page illustrations and numerous page decorations by Margaret and Helen Maitland Armstrong. The volume is the 33rd Edition of the story but is a newly illustrated edition, translated from the German by George P. Upton.

135 untrimmed pages.

Condition:  Good. Ex-Library copy with just a bookplate to the front paste-down and a barcode to the rear endpaper. Some wear/rubbing/marking to hardcovers. Internal pages good with slight yellowing to extreme edges. Binding tight.

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"THE ADVENTURES OF BARON MUNCHAUSEN"  Illustrated by Gustave Dore.   c.1885.

Hardcover "New and Revised" Edition in green cloth covers, published by Cassell, Petter and Galpin, London.  The volume is undated but we believe it to be c.1880-1890.  Dimensions: 27cm x 22cm approx. 

A superb edition of this classic tale about Baron Munchausen and his travelling adventures.  Wonderfully illustrated by Gustave Dore and with an introduction by T. Teignmouth Shore. 

216 pages with 30 full-page illustrations and numerous further illustrations in the text.

Condition:    Reasonably Good.  Ex-Libris copy with normal library markings.  A fair bit of wear/rubbing/marking/fading to the covers.  Boards are slightly warped.  Internal pages good with a slight ripple and some light wear and a few minor marks.  Binding tight.


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Hardcover First Edition in illustrated paper-covered hardcovers, published by Verlag von Gustav Riepenheuer, Weimar in 1911.   Dimensions: 25cm x 22cm approx.

A superbly illustrated volume of 74 "whole figure" silhouettes relating to the Goethe, his life and times. Collected by Dr. Hans Timotheus Kroeber.

180 pages including an index of the silhouettes with brief explanatory notes.

Condition:  Reasonable. Ex-Libris copy with normal library markinigs. A fair bit of wear/rubbing/marking to covers.  Spine covering coming away and spine cracked at front and rear hinges.  Internal pages good with all original tissue-guards.  Binding fairly tight.


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"FAUST"  by Goethe.  c.1908.

Hardcover Edition in half leather and brown board covers, published by Dana Estes & Company, Boston.  The volume is undated but we believe it to be c.1908 as this is the date on the preface.  Dimensions: 27.5cm x 20.5cm approx. 

A stunning edition of this classic by Goethe with 30 full-page illustrations by renowned illustrator Willy Pogany. This really is a beautiful volume printed on thick art-quality paper. 

210 pages.

Condition:    Good.  Ex-Libris copy with normal library markings.  A fair bit of wear/rubbing/marking/fading to the covers - leather is quite worn.  Internal pages good with just some light edge wear.  No foxing.  Binding tight.  A lovely copy.


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"A SUMMER AT BADEN-BADEN" by M. Eugene Guinot.  c.1853.

Hardcover Edition in pictorially embossed black cloth cover, published by J. Mitchell, Bookseller & Publisher to Her Majesty, London. The volume is undated but we believe it to be c.1853. Dimensions: 27cm x 18cm approx.

A superb volume which provides a fascinating view of Baden-Baden and the surrounding areas of Germany during the early to mid-nineteenth Century. A beautifully illustrated volume with numerous black and white engravings - some in the text and some full-page. The volume also contains a number of coloured plates. Illustrations are by Tony Johannot, Eug, Lamy, Francais, and Jaquemot.

299 pages.

Condition:   Reasonable.  Heavy wear/rubbing/fading/marking to covers.  Spine covering is missing.  Spine is cracked in a number of pages. Corners bumped.  Internal pages quite good with some yellowing, light foxing and edge wear.  One illustration is loose though the rest are good with tissue-guards still in place.  Binding fairly tight.


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"THOUGHTS FROM WALDEN POND"  by Henry David Thoreau.  1998.

Softcover First Edition in printed glossy covers, published by Pomegranate, San Francisco in 1998.  Dimensions: 25.5cm x 20.5cm approx. 

A beautiful volume which uses selections from Henry Thoreau's "Walden" together with stunning photographs by Charles Gurche. 

96 pages.

Condition:  Good. Slight wear/rubbing to covers. Internal pages very good. Binding tight.


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"THE GUEST FROM HELL"  by Alistair Sampson.  2000.

Hardcover First Edition in brown hardcovers with original dustcover (not price clipped), published by Orion, London in 2000.  Dimensions: 25.5cm x 18cm approx. 

An extremely amusing and superbly illustrated book which is described as "sixty cjapters packed with hints, tips and downright practical advice to train the reader in the black art of making a complete nuisance of themselves at any gathering."   

159 pages with nuerous cartoon illustrations by Annie Tempest.

Condition:  Very Good. Slight wear/rubbing to dustcover. Internal pages very good. Binding tight. Looks unread.


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"LIBERTY DESIGN" by Barbara Morris.  1989.

Hardcover First Edition in black cloth cover with original dustcover (not price clipped), published by Pyramid Books, London in 1989.  Dimensions: 25cm x 23.5cm approx. 

A comprehensive volume which covers every aspect of Liberty design.  Best known for their fabrics, Liberty were also famous for their furniture, glass, ceramics, jewellery, silver and pewter between the 1870's and the First World War.  This volume includes numerous colour and black and white photographs (some specially commissioned). 

128 pages.

Condition:  Very Good. Some wear/rubbing to dustcover. Internal pages very good.   Binding tight.


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Hardcover First Edition in illustrated board cover, published by Hodder & Stoughton, London.  The volume is undated but I would guess it to be c.1910.  Dimensions: 21cm x 15cm approx.

A superbly illustrated and interesting little volume which is part biography of Shelley and also contains some of his verse.  The highlight, though are the 5 coloured illustrations by W. J. Neatby which are quite superb. 

48 pages.

Condition:  Reasonable. A fair bit of wear/rubbing/fading/marking to covers. Corners bumped.  Internal pages reasonably good but yellowed with some foxing throughout (illustrations not affected).  Frontispiece coming loose.  Binding rather weak.


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"CARTOONS IN RHYME AND LINE" by Sir Wilfred Lawson and F. Carruthers Gould.  1905.

Hardcover First Edition in illustrated black cloth cover, published by T. Fisher Unwin, London in 1905.  Dimensions: 22cm x 18cm approx. 

A superb volume of satirical poems and cartoons.  The book ruthlessly lampoons the politics and political figures of the period between 1890 and 1905. 

133 hand-cut pages

Condition:  Reasonably Good. Some wear/marking/fading to covers. Spine cracked at front and rear hinges. Internal pages good with some light foxing throughout. Binding fairly tight.

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"HUMORS OF HISTORY" by A. Moreland.  c.1903.

Hardcover Edition in illustrated green cloth cover, published by The Morning Leader, London.  The volume is undated but we believe it to be c.1903. Dimensions: 19cm x 25cm approx. 

A great volume of coloured cartoons, originally published in "The Morning Leader" newspaper.  Each cartoon represents a significant historical event from "The Phoenicians" to "Mammon - A Present Day Allegory".  An amusing book which features 160 coloured cartoons. 

Condition:  Reasonably Good. Some wear/marking/fading to covers. Spine cracked at front and rear hinges. Front free endpaper has had approx two-thirds cut away. Internal pages good with some slight edge wear. Binding a little loose.


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